$100 (Cat-435)   TCR-N2090   Mold: BJ2   YR: 1970's   Cond: SU
Color: Blk  Insert: 6-Gold Split   Inlay: Coin  13th Issue  R-1

$1 (Cat-363)   TCR-N7201   Mold: HCE   YR: 1960's   Cond: N
Color:Beige  Insert: None   Inlay: R-White   6th Issue  R-4
(660-03) Nice Chip.

$5 (Cat-26)   TCR-V9681   Mold: H&C   YR: 2002   Cond: SU
Color: Red  Insert: 4nvy/4pch   Inlay: OOR-Gold-FG   6th Issue  R-4

$1 (Cat-687)   TCR-E3431.1   Mold: SUN   YR: 2004   Cond: SU
Color:Gray  Insert: 2-Fuchsia/2-Navy   Inlay: OOR-Gray-FG
?-Issue  R-1 (660-1)

$25 (Cat-287)   TCR-N2096.C   Mold: HCE   YR: 1960's   Cond: N
Color:Grn  Insert: 6-Crm/3-Red Split   Inlay: R-White  8th Issue  R-3
(660-55) Extremely Nice Condition Drilled Chip.

$5 (Cat-157)   TCR-N2092.P   Mold: House   YR: 1970's   Cond: N
Color:Red  Insert: 6 split-Wt   Inlay: Coin Silver   13th Issue  R-1

50ยข (Cat-309)   TCR-N2100   Mold: HCE   YR: 1960's   Cond: N
Color: Purple   Insert: None   Inlay: R-White   6th Issue   R-5
(660-05) Uncirculated in amazing condition!


The first casino built on the site was the Club Bingo, which opened in 1947.Owner Milton Prell replaced the casino with a new casino hotel in 1952 called the Sahara Hotel, and was the sixth resort to open on the Strip. The Sahara was one of the last remaining vintage "Rat Pack" casino-hotels, leaving only the Flamingo, The Riviera, Caesars Palace and The Tropicana. A 24-story tower was added in 1963, which made the hotel the tallest building in Las Vegas. The 1960 version of Ocean's 11 was filmed at the Sahara. The Sahara shut down on May 16, 2011.
This marked the end of a 59-year run on the Strip...

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