Classic Collectibles


$5  Cat-576 TCR-N/A  Mold: H&C  YR: 2016   Cond: N
​Color: Red  (540.5) Royal Flush Spades

$5  Cat-574 TCR-N/A  Mold: H&C  YR: 2016   Cond: N
Color: Red  (540.5) Royal Flush Hearts

$5  Cat-573 TCR-N/A  Mold: H&C  YR: 2016   Cond: N
​Color: Red  (540.5) WSOP 2 Aces Chip

$5 (Cat-37)  TCR-V5364  Mold: H&C  YR: 1999  Cond: N
Color: Red    Insert: 8-Pnk/4-Red Tri Split   Inlay: OOR-Multi-FG
2nd Issue    R-1   (540-6))




$5 (Cat-260)   TCR-N9011   Mold: H&C    YR: 1997  Cond: A
Color: DK Red  Insert: 8-Pink/4-Red Tri-Split  Inlay: OR-MULTI-WG
(540.5)  2nd Issue  R-1    Obtained from the Casino in 2015

WSOP  at the RIO June 24th, 2015

$5 (Cat-150)   TCR-V1403   Mold: H&C    YR: 1998  Cond: N
Color: Red  Insert: 8-Pink/4-Red Tri-Split  Inlay: OR-MULTI-FG
(540.0)  2nd Issue  R-1


The Rio opened on January 15, 1990.The Rio was the first all suite resort in Las Vegas. It was named after the city of Rio de Janeiro, and is influenced by Brazilian culture. The hotel towers are covered in blue and red glass. The complex includes a wine cellar that has more than 50,000 bottles.
The Rio is the host casino for the World Series of Poker. The hotel began hosting the World Series of Poker in 2005, the first time this event was not held at Binion's. IT has been held every year there since. The DEF CON hacker convention took place at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino from 2011 to 2014.

$5  Cat-575 TCR-N/A  Mold: H&C  YR: 2016   Cond: N
​Color: Red  (540.5) Four Aces

I purchased these chips directly from the cage at the Rio on 6/24/15. They are uncirculated and in MINT condition.
They are not yet in the TCR. Each chip is a limited edition of 1000 each. (000.5)

I purchased the following chips at the cage in the Amazon room in July 2016. All are in Uncirculated Mint Condition. Not yet in the TCR