.50¢ (Cat-276)  TCR-N6731  Mold: Scrown  YR: 1973  Cond: SU
Color: Fuchsia   Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   3rd Issue   R-6  

$1 (Cat-299)  TCR-N6699  Mold: Scrown  YR: 1965  Cond: SU
Color: Salmon   Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   3rd Issue   R-6  
(330.94)   NCV Good for $1 in trade chip.

.25¢ (Cat-121)  TCR-N1913  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR: 1963  Cond: SU
Color: Purple   Insert: 2-Yellow   Inlay: R-White   7th Issue   R-4  

$5NCV (Cat-330)  TCR-N8762  Mold: 8-Suits  YR: 1980's  Cond: A
Color: Lt-Gray   Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   10th Issue   R-5  
(330.11)   NCV Chip. Will not stand on edge.

$1 (Cat-382)  TCR-V3067  Mold: H&C   YR: 1965  Cond: SU
Color: Fuchsia   Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   6th Issue   R-6  
(330.12)   $1.00 In Play Chip

Classic Collectibles

$100NCV (Cat-329)  TCR-N0214  Mold: 8-Suits   YR: 1980's 
Cond: N  Color: Pink   Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   10th Issue  
R-5  (330.41)   NCV Chip

The Mint

The Mint Las Vegas opened in 1957. A 26-story hotel tower was added in 1965. In 1988, The Mint was sold and became part of Binion's Horseshoe. The Mint was the sponsor of the Mint 400, the largest off road race from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.
Del Webb assumed ownership around 1961 when he acquired other properties of Milton Prell. Patsy Cline performed at the Mint Casino's "Merri-Mint Theater" from Nov23 - Dec 28, 1962,
3 months before her fatal plane crash. The casino can be seen several times towards the end of the 1987 U2 music video "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", which was filmed entirely on Fremont Street, and in the 1971 James Bond motion picture 'Diamonds Are Forever'.

$25 (Cat-202)  TCR-N7172  Mold: H&C SCV  YR: 1990's  Cond: N
Color: LtGrn   Insert: 4-Blk   Inlay: SCA-Wht   9th Issue   R-4  

.25¢ (Cat-275)  TCR-N1912  Mold: H&C  YR: 1984  Cond: A
Color: Purple   Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   9th Issue   R-4  

$100  (Cat-591)  TCR-N7173  Mold: H&C   YR: 1990's  
Cond: N  Color: Black   Insert: 8-Pur/4-LtBlu   Inlay: Cog White
? Issue    R-?   (330.22)   

$1 (Cat-122)  TCR-N1916.L  Mold: H&C LCV  YR: 1968  Cond: SU
Color: Cream   Insert: 3-Rust   Inlay: R-White   6th Issue   R-6  

$1 (Cat-571)  TCR-N2868  Mold: H&C   YR: 1980's  Cond: SU
Color: Salmon   Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   6th Issue   R-6  
(330.02)   $1.00 In Play Chip

Roulette A (Cat-763)  TCR-N1920  Mold: S-Crown  YR: 1973  Cond: A   Color: Pink   Insert: None   Inlay: OR-White  3rd Issue   R-7  (330.3) Only 100 Made