Classic Collectibles

$1 (Cat-691)  TCR-N7135.1  Mold: House    YR: 1990's   Cond: A
Color: Lt Blue  Insert: None  Inlay: R-White  ?-Issue   R-1

$1 (Cat-258)  TCR-E9945  Mold: House    YR: 2011   Cond: A
Color: Lt Blue  Insert: None  Inlay: R-White  (Not in US Guide)
(540.1)  Obtained from the Casino in 2015

$5 (Cat-110)  TCR-D0135  Mold: H&C(RHC)    YR: 2011   Cond: N
Color: Red  Insert: 4-brn/4-ora  Inlay: R-White  ?-Issue  R-?
(540.0) Flamingo Facing Left Chip 

$5 (Cat-111)  TCR-E0467  Mold: House    YR: 2003   Cond: N
Color: Red  Insert: 4-lime/4-Pink  Inlay: OOR-White-FG  
?-Issue R-?  (540.7)    1950's Decade Chip


"Bugsy" Siegel opened The Flamingo Hotel & Casino at a total cost of $6 million on December 26, 1946. Billed as "The West's Greatest Resort Hotel," it was the first luxury hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. Siegel named the resort after his girlfriend Virginia Hill, whose nickname was "Flamingo," a nickname Siegel gave her due to her long, skinny legs.
The splashy opening — Stars present included Jimmy Durante as entertainment, with guests including Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Cesar Romero, Judy Garland, and Joan Crawford.
The Mob was certain that Bugsy was skimming money from the casino, and on 20 June 1947, relaxing in the Beverly Hills house he shared with Hill, Siegel was shot to death. A memorial plaque exists on the Flamingo site near the outdoor wedding chapel

$1 (Cat-667)  TCR-V6514  Mold: H&C(RHC)    YR: 2000   Cond: N
Color: Lt Blue  Insert: 1-Yel  Inlay: OOR-Multi-WG  ?-Issue  R-1

$5 (Cat-113)  TCR-N8277  Mold: House    YR: 1997   Cond: SU
Color: Red  Insert: 3-blk/3-grn  Inlay: OOR-White-FG  ?-Issue R-?
(540.01) 50th Anniversary Bugsy Chip

$5 (Cat-112)  TCR-V2469  Mold: H&C    YR: 1998   Cond: SU
Color: Red  Insert: 3-grn/3-pnk  Inlay: OOR-White-FG  ?-Issue R-?
(540.01) Rockettes Chip Serial Number #636