$5 (Cat-385)  TCR-N1572   Mold: Cord    YR: 1960   Cond: A
Color: Mustard  Insert: 3-Green  Inlay: R-White  14th Issue  R-2

$100  (Cat-197)  TCR-N1558  Mold: HUB   YR: 1940's  Cond: SU Color: Black  Insert: 3-Beige    Inlay: R-White  13th Issue   R-3   (650.61) Super Clean!

$5 (Cat-504)  TCR-N7318  Mold: Sm-Key  YR: 1947  Cond: A
Color: Orange   Insert: None   Inlay: DieCut   7th Issue   R-5

$25  (Cat-196)  TCR-N1565  Mold: Scrown   YR: 1950  Cond: SU
Color: Org/Blu  Insert: 1/2pie  Inlay: HS-Gold  10th Issue   R-3
(650.55) Super Clean Hot Stamp.

$100 (Cat-402)  TCR-N1564  Mold: Lcrown  YR: 1948  Cond: SU Color: Gray   Insert: 2-Navy   Inlay: HS-Gold 
9th Issue   R-5  (650.66) (Hot stamp is all one color)

$25 (Cat-195)  TCR-N8210  Mold: Scrown  YR: 1950's  Cond: SU
Color: Red   Insert: 2-Blue   Inlay: LHUB White  11th Issue   R-7  
(650.001) This is a very pristine condition chip!

$25 (Cat-198)  TCR-N1560  Mold: HUB   YR: 1940's  Cond: SU
Color: Gray/Blue   Insert: 3-Red   Inlay: R-White   13th Issue R-3

(Cat-431)  TCR-V4026   Mold: L-Crown    YR: 1949   Cond: SU
Color: Mustard   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold
(650.02)  (Beldon Kattleman Chip-Owner of the El Rancho Vegas)

$5 (Cat-353)  TCR-N1562  Mold: Lcrown  YR: 1949  Cond: A Color: Purple   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  8th Issue   R-6  

$5 (Cat-199)  TCR-N1563   Mold: HUB    YR: 1940's   Cond: A
Color: Mustard   Insert: 3-BLK   Inlay: R-White   13th Issue  R-3

$25 (Cat-748)  TCR-N6715  Mold: L-Crown  YR: 1945  Cond: SU Color: Beige   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  4th Issue   R-6  (650.011) The WC chip for Wilbur Clark

$5 (Cat-729)  TCR-N0763  Mold: Diamond  YR: 1941  Cond: A
Color: Purple   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  1st Issue   R-5

Classic Collectibles

El Rancho Vegas
The El Rancho Vegas hotel and casino was the first hotel on the Las Vegas Strip located on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sahara. The hotel opened on April 3, 1941. Until 1942, it was the largest hotel in Las Vegas with 110 rooms.
On June 17, 1960, while Harry James and Betty Grable were performing a late show on stage, the hotel was destroyed by a devastating fire. There were no deaths or injuries.
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward were married at the El Rancho Vegas in 1958.  The Famous stripper Candy Barr was headlining at El Rancho Vegas in 1959 when she was arrested by the FBI after her appeal on a marijuana conviction was rejected by the US Supreme Court.   Casino Pictures