Club Bingo

Club Bingo had a great neon sign, and from 1947 to 1952, it stood at the corner of what is now Sahara and Las Vegas Blvd.
Club Bingo opened in 1947 before many of the major hotels and casinos had opened on the strip, when Fremont Street was the main attraction and casino center. Club Bingo opened on July 24, 1947 with 240 rooms on the Los Angeles Highway across from the El Rancho Vegas. In addition to other casino games, it featured a 300 seat bingo parlor. In 1952, Club Bingo was remodeled and became the Sahara.

$100 (Cat-728)  TCR-N0798  Mold: Diamond  YR: 1947  Cond: SU
Color: Cream    Insert: None   Inlay: HS Gold   1st Issue   R-8 
(989.501) This is the Splatter Chip from the LA Highway Club Bingo

n/d (Cat-423)  TCR-N6686  Mold: SCrown  YR: 1964  Cond: A
Color: Blue   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  2nd Issue   R-6  
(870.52) Non Denomination Chip

$5 (Cat-294)  TCR-N3715  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR: 1964  Cond: N
Color: Red   Insert: 3 Gray   Inlay: R-White  1st Issue   R-6  
(870.061) This chip is almost perfect!

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