$1 (Cat-298)  TCR-N4011  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR: 1963  Cond: N
Color: Cream/Pink  Insert: 1/2 Pie-Dovetail Cream Inlay: HS Gold
3rd Issue    R-6   (780.15)   Uncirculated Chip

$1 (Cat-654)  TCR-V6596  Mold: BJones  YR: 200  Cond: SU
Color: White   Insert: 3-Split Blue   Inlay: OOR-MULTI  ?-Issue  
R-1   (680.1)  Beach Chip

$5 (Cat-388)   TCR-N1439   Mold: HCE    YR: 1963    Cond: SU
Color: Maroon   Insert: 3-Pink    Inlay: R-White    1st Issue   R-3    (680.04)

Classic Collectibles

$1 (Cat-655)  TCR-V6596  Mold: BJones  YR: 200  Cond: SU
Color: White   Insert: 3-Split Blue   Inlay: OOR-MULTI  ?-Issue   
R-1   (680.1)  Beach Chip

$1 (Cat-297)  TCR-N4011.1  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR: 1963  Cond: N
Color: Pink/Cream  Insert: 1/2 Pie-Dovetail Pink   Inlay: HS Gold   3rd Issue   R-6    (680.15)   Uncirculated Chip.

$100  (Cat-281)  TCR-N1438.C2   Mold: HCE  YR: 1963   Cond: SU
Color: Black  Insert: 3wt/3red   Inlay: R-White   1st Issue  R-4
(680.81) 'ZAB' Cancelled Chip


Originally, the Sans Souci Hotel was situated on the land. In 1963, the property became the site of the Castaways. The hotel experienced financial trouble and was sold and renamed Oliver's New Castaways Casino.
The hotel had a 1500-gallon aquarium in its bar. Three times a day a show was put on by naked women in the aquarium.

In 1970, the Castaways was sold to billionaire Howard Hughes for $3 million. The resort was then purchased by Steve Wynn in 1987.
Wynn then proceeded to develop a new resort on the Castaways' former grounds using the working name Golden Nugget on the Strip. The resort became Mirage and opened on November 22, 1989. A few years later, the Treasure Island was built on more of the land that had been used as the Mirage's parking lot and additional adjacent undeveloped land.