.25¢ (Cat-390) TCR-N7436  Mold: HUB  YR:1951  Cond: N
Color: Red    Insert: 2-Blue   Inlay: R-White   2nd Issue  R-5  

.25¢ (Cat-558) TCR-N1411  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1962  Cond: N
Color: Red    Insert: None   Inlay: SCA-White   7th Issue    R-3  

$5 (Cat-475) TCR-N1402  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1960's  Cond: N
Color: Green   Insert: 3-Tan   Inlay: R-White   7th Issue   R-4  

$5 (Cat-378) TCR-N7438  Mold: HUB  YR:1951  Cond: N
Color: Orange   Insert: 2-Yellow   Inlay: R-White   2nd Issue  R-5  
(580.54) Chip is in near perfect condition

.50¢ (Cat-397) TCR-N0774  Mold: DIA  YR:1951  Cond: SU
Color: Beige   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  3rd Issue   R-5  
(580.24)  Card Room Chip

$5 (Cat-474) TCR-N1401  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1960's  Cond: N
Color: Green   Insert: 3-Black   Inlay: R-White   7th Issue   R-3   (580.8)

.25¢ (Cat-201) TCR-N1411  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1962  Cond: WU
Color: Red    Insert: None   Inlay: SCA-White   7th Issue    R-3  
(580.5)  Chip will not stand on edge.

California Club

The California Club operated from 1958 to 1973. Phil Long took over operation of the casino located at the corner of First and Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, 1958.
The locals casino catered to local gamblers. It was owned and operated by Phil Long and partner George Milford and was a casino only without any hotel rooms. The California Club was sold to Steve Wynn in 1973. The California Club was combined into the Golden Nugget shortly after the purchase by Wynn.

$25 (Cat-200) TCR-N1395  Mold: SM-Key  YR:1950's  Cond: SU
Color: Black   Insert: 3-Yellow   Inlay: R-White   1st Issue    R-4  
(580.04) Chip is in near perfect condition

.25¢ (Cat-396) TCR-N8070  Mold: DIA  YR:1951  Cond: A
Color: Red    Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  3rd Issue   R-5  
(580.83) Card Room Chip

$100 (Cat-516)  TCR-N6007  Mold: Nevada  YR: 1970  Cond: N
Color: Black    Insert: 4-Mustard   Inlay: HS-Gold  8th Issue  R-5   (580.41)

$5 (Cat-477) TCR-N1404  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1960's  Cond: N
Color: Green   Insert: 3-Blue   Inlay: R-White   7th Issue   R-3  

$5 (Cat-473) TCR-N3708  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1960's  Cond: N
Color: Red   Insert: 3-Tan   Inlay: SCA-White   7th Issue   R-4  

$5 (Cat-476) TCR-N1403  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1960's  Cond: N
Color: Green   Insert: 3-Brown   Inlay: R-White   7th Issue   R-4  

$5 (Cat-588) TCR-N7437  Mold: H&C  YR:1964  Cond: SU
Color: Blue   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold   7th Issue    R-3 
(580.1)     Good Only at:  California Club / Pioneer Club

$100 (Cat-286) TCR-N1393  Mold: T-Mold  YR:1950's  Cond: N
Color: Salmon   Insert: 4-Black   Inlay: HS-Blue   4th Issue    R-4  
(580.52) Chip is in New - Uncirculated Condition

.10¢ (Cat-395) TCR-N0783  Mold: DIA  YR:1950's  Cond: SU
Color: Pink    Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold   3rd Issue    R-5  
(580.02)   Card Room Chip

.25¢ (Cat-557) TCR-N1407  Mold: T's  YR:1952  Cond: A
Color: Purple    Insert: None   Inlay: SCA-White   4th Issue    R-7  

$5 (Cat-478) TCR-N1409  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1960's  Cond: SU
Color: Green   Insert: None   Inlay: R-White   7th Issue   R-4  

$5 (Cat-471) TCR-N3752  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR:1964  Cond: N
Color: Green   Insert: 3-Orange   Inlay: R-White   7th Issue   R-3   (580.8)

.25¢ (Cat-502) TCR-N7378  Mold: SMKey  YR:1950's  Cond: A
Color: Lt Brn    Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  1st Issue   R-9  
(580.02) Cancelled Chip in great condition.

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