$25 (Cat-481)  TCR-N4019  Mold: HCE  YR: 1950's  Cond: SU
Color: Beige   Insert: 2 Pink  Inlay: R-White   1st Issue    R-4  

$1 (Cat-515)  TCR-N3852  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR: 1955  Cond: SU
Color: Beige   Insert: None   Inlay: HS-Gold  1st Issue   R-4  

$1 (Cat-362)  TCR-N1373  Mold: H&C(CJ)  YR: 1959  Cond: SU
Color: Green   Insert: 4-Maroon   Inlay: R-White  3rd Issue   R-4  

Don French's Bonanza

$5 (Cat-300)  TCR-N1369  Mold: H.C.E.  YR: 1959  Cond: SU
Color: Navy    Insert: 2 purple  Inlay: R-White   1st Issue    R-4  

$5 (Cat-434)  TCR-N1374  Mold: H&C  YR: 1963  Cond: N
Color: Brown   Insert: 4 Beige   Inlay: SCA White  2nd Issue  R-4  
(450.32) Super Clean Uncirculated Condition.

$20 (Cat-527)  TCR-N4262  Mold: HHL  YR: 1955  Cond: SU
Color: Black   Insert: 2 Gray  Inlay: HS Gold   ? Issue    R-?  

Classic Collectibles

Bonanza Club N. Las Vegas

1955 to 1965

Very little information is known about this casino. Will add more when available. I cannot be positive that the picture shown is of the original Bonanza Club.

Jerry's Nugget was founded in 1964 by Jerry Lodge and Jerry Stamis and was originally the site of the Town House Bar. In 1968, Lodge and Stamis bought the Bonanza Club, located across the street from Jerry's Nugget

Don French's Bonanza Clubalso included